Just like with any other forms of technology, the world wide web goes through tremendous changes every year, and the cloud has made waves recently. With its popularity regarding remote storage as well as web-based applications, there’s no doubt why more and more business owners use this.

What Is Cloud?

For those who are not familiar with the term, the best way to describe cloud is that it’s a remote server where you can store files, as well as other types of data in a safe location and away from your personal devices, or computer. Over the years, it has always existed as a form of servers that functions as a web hosting provider, but the concept is gradually changing over time. For example, now, it allows users to remotely store their photos, documents, files, videos, and other data online. This could range from something free, to something premium. Indeed, the web is getting more and more popular with cloud storage possibilities for all kinds of needs.

This is also one of the few reasons more and more Internet marketers are becoming affiliates. Here’s what to expect with upstore affiliates.

How Affiliate Works

As you refer to through your unique affiliate URL, and the client decides to purchase the product or plan, you’ll be receiving a commission to your affiliate account every time the invoice has been successfully paid by that person. Rest assured that every step is transparent, and you can view this in real time. You’ll be able to constantly monitor real time accounting of the active referrals, the commission history, pending commission, and many more.

That means you’ll be able to start earning money the moment you decide to become an affiliate.

Getting an Affiliate Badge

In order to get an affiliate badge, you simply have to log in to your account and navigate through the Affiliate System Page. Here, you’ll be able to review all the list badges that are already part of your affiliate link. If you need help, you can simply contact their support team and you’ll be guided along the way.

Sharing to Social Media Accounts

It’s highly advisable to share your affiliate link, especially in your social media accounts. With a single click of a button, you’ll be able to share the link all over the social media and you’ll be earning a percentage every time someone purchases a Upstore premium account.

Become an Affiliate Partner Now wants to ensure that you’ll greatly benefit as an affiliate. That’s why they offer a number of privileges that you can take advantage of once you sign up. As much as possible, they want to help Internet marketers, especially the beginner to leverage their brand, while promoting at the same time. Affiliate partners enjoy a generous commission from referrals and it’s something not all affiliate programs offer.

With an affiliate, you’ll get all the tools, tracking link, web banners, and other means to drive revenue to your website. They also offer a feature-rich affiliate portal that would allow you to choose what should be displayed on your banner.